New Orders: Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for a subscription to start.

Data Media has two flights each week arriving from Germany with a mixture of weekly and monthly titles as available. These flights arrive Thursday night and Saturday morning – a schedule which is based around when the weekly magazines and newspapers are printed by the publishers.

At the airport, Data Media clears customs for the titles and ships them directly to our production facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Each Monday we process all titles, print mailing sheets, poly-wrap and sort for induction into the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Buffalo, NY every Tuesday morning.

Understanding USPS Classes of Mail and Delivery Performance

The USPS has Service Standards for all classes of mail.  For our subscribers we offer three classes of mail for most magazines and newspapers.

  1. USPS Periodical Class Mail – is a class of mail consisting of magazines, newspapers or other publications that has the primary purpose of transmitting information. For most of our titles we do offer Periodical rates – however there are some exceptions. The advantage of Periodical Mail for the subscriber is a much lower subscription rate than 1st Class or Priority Mail. This class of mail is the most popular for our subscribers. The USPS does NOT guarantee delivery of Periodicals within a specified time but does publish delivery standards based on geographic distance from where the mail is deposited. Based on induction in Buffalo, NY, mail delivery can takes as little as 3 business days (Eastern Seaboard) or up to 7 business days for subscribers on the West Coast.
  • USPS 1st Class mail – is an excellent option for weekly subscribers that want the latest news as soon as possible. First Class mail is given priority by the USPS over standard (marketing) mail and Periodical Mail. Local mail will typically be delivered in 2-3 days. Nationally, First Class mail should be delivered in about 4 days. Magazines and newspapers can mail First Class as long as they are under 13 oz. If a title weighs more than 13 oz. it would need to be sent Priority Mail.
  • USPS Priority Mail – is the most expensive delivery service but has the fastest delivery times. All titles can be shipped via Priority Mail and the average delivery time for your title should be 1–3 business days.

What causes delays in getting my magazine?

The most important factor in getting your magazine is the correct name and address. Delays can also be caused by weather, or during seasonally busy times at USPS (Christmas).

If you are experiencing issues consistently please send us an e-mail at and confirm your mailing address and full zip code as well as a brief explanation of the problem.

Periodical Mail3 to 7 business days
1st Class Mail2 to 4 business days
Priority Mail1 to 3 business days