• Who are Cover-All Computer Services Corp. and Data Media?

    We are Canada’s largest private mail service provider offering mailing services in Canada, United States and worldwide since 1966. Our website is www.cover-all.ca where our company background, history, services and extensive certifications are available for review. Data Media is wholly owned by Cover-All and operates our publication distribution for our foreign language magazines into the United States.

  • Who is Roltek International?

    Roltek is a well-established subscription management company and will be handling all database management, renewal invoicing and call center inquiries for Data Media.
    For products purchased and renewals you will receive an invoice from Roltek International Inc.
    For company background, history and services please visit www.roltek.com.

  • Where do you mail the magazines from?

    All subscriptions are mailed through the USPS and entered at Buffalo, NY. Details of the timing and flow of magazines from the publisher through Data Media and USPS to your doorstep is available by clicking the Delivery tab of our online store www.dmpubstore.com.

  • Can I order titles that are not listed on the website?

    If you have a particular foreign language magazine or newspaper that you wish to order please send an e-mail to service@roltek.com and we will make inquiries to see if it can be acquired from the publisher.

  • When will I receive my renewal notice – my subscription has expired?

    If your subscription has expired but you have not seen a renewal invoice please contact our call center either by e-mail at service@roltek.com or call 1-877-776-5835.

  • Where can I call or e-mail to discuss my account and ask further questions?

    The call center number is 1-877-776-5835. For e-mail inquiries, please visit service@roltek.com.